Peter Ablinger Weiss/Weisslich 4
Géza Allaga Magyar cimbalomkoncert (USP)
Paolo Aralla Analogie: 1. Quaderno
Analogie: 2. Quaderno (WP)
Architektur der Ebene I (USP)
Varianti (USP)
Robert Ashley Outcome Inevitable
Quartet: In Memoriam Esteban Gomez
Ana-Maria Avram 4 études d'ombre
Axis V (WP, written for E/O)
Chiaroscuro (WP)
Metalstorm (USP)
new electronic work (WP)
Nouvel arché for voice and computer (WP)
Voices and winds of the desert II (WP, written for E/O)
Trevor Baca Mon seul désir (WP, written for E/O)
Richard Barrett EARTH (USP)
Béla Bartók Bucium (field recording, 1938)
Eve Beglarian Play Nice (WP, cimbalom version)
Harrison Birtwistle Ring a dumb carillon
Carlo Boccadoro L’angelo coi baffi (NYP)
Anthony Braxton Composition no. 222
Earle Brown December 1952, from Folio
Andrew Byrne A Ringing World (WP, written for E/O)
Cradle Song (WP)
Striking Piece (WP, written for E/O)
White Bone Country(WP)
John Cage All Sides of the Small Stone (NYP)
Aria with Cheap Imitations & Imaginary Landscapes
Cheap Imitation
In a Landscape
Perpetual Tango (NYP)
Swinging (NYP)
Cornelius Cardew Treatise
Richard Carrick Dark Flow (WP, written for E/O)
Flow Cycle (WP, written for E/O)
Infinity + 1 (WP, written for E/O)
La scène miniature (WP)
Moroccan Flow
Natural Behaviour (NYP)
Notebook Bedside (WP, written for E/O)
Stone Guitars (WP)
Towards Qualia (WP, written for E/O)
The Veins of Marble (USP)
Raphäel Cendo In Vivo part I (USP)
Rhys Chatham Two Gongs
Anthony Coleman Atropine (WP, written for E/O)
Scenes from a teleological sickbed (WP, written for E/O)
Station RER-B Drancy (USP)
Nic Collins Bracken
Roomtone Variations
Still (After) Lives
Chaya Czernowin Anea Crystal (USP)
Dam sheon hachol (NYP)
Die Kreuzung (USP)
Duo leat (USP)
Ina (NYP)
Winter Songs II: Stones (NYP)
Nick Didkovsky If Reptiles' Organs Thrive (WP, written for E/O)
Jacob Druckman Valentine
Iancu Dumitrescu Black Holes' Collision (WP, written for E/O)
Byzantine Musics for soloist and spectral drone ensemble (USP)
Cosmic Pulse II (WP, written for E/O)
Diamonds in the rough (USP)
Galaxy V (WP, written for E/O)
Gnosis I & II (WP)
Hyperspectres IV (WP, written for E/O)
Pierres sacrées II (WP, written for E/O)
Unstable Molecules (WP, written for E/O)
George Enescu Carillons nocturnes
Karlheinz Essl more or less (USP)
Morton Feldman Cheap Imitation (Cage arr. Morton Feldman) (WP)
Crippled Symmetry
For John Cage
For Philip Guston
Instruments III (NYP)
Projection I
Why Patterns?
Daniel Felsenfeld First Scenes from Red Room (WP)
Christopher Fox Generic Composition #3 (USP)
David Brynjar Franzson Il dolce far niente (NYP)
The Negotiation of Context a (WP, written for E/O)
on Sameness and Similarities (USP)
Beat Furrer intorno al bianco (USP)
Ira - Arca
linea dell’orizzonte
David Galbraith Composition 2005 no. 1 for cello and analog synth
Erin Gee Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter (USP)
Solos from Mouthpieces (NYP)
Philip Glass Music in Similar Motion
Michael Gordon XY
Jonny Greenwood smear (USP)
Sean Griffin Buffalo '70 (WP, written for E/O)
Gérard Grisey Périodes
Erik Griswold Drifting Cowboys in a Mist (NYP)
The Yellow Fog (WP, written for E/O)
Georg Friedrich Haas Ein Schattenspiel (USP)
Alex Hills Knight's Move (USP)
Elizabeth Hoffman Pathological Curves (WP, written for E/O)
Toshio Hosokawa Atem-Lied
Martin Iddon Danaë (WP, written for E/O)
Gio Janiashvili Muffling Fog: after Martin Heidegger (NYP)
Mauricio Kagel Ranz des Vaches
Jin Hi Kim Tilings (WP, written for E/O)
György Kurtág Doloroso (NYP)
Eight Duos for violin and cimbalom (NYP)
Erinnerung an einen Winterabend (NYP)
Hommage à Berènyi Ferenc 70 (NYP)
Scenes from a Novel
Seven Songs for voice and cimbalom (NYP)
Tre pezzi e altri pezzi for clarinet & cimbalom (USP)
Un brin de bruyère a Witold (NYP)
Helmut Lachenmann Salut für Caudwell (NYP)
String Quartet #3, 'Grido'
Klaus Lang Zwillingsgipfel (USP)
Massimo Lauricella Due studi
Josh Levine Belle du désert (USP)
George Lewis Hexis (NYP)
Signifying Riffs: Unison
Thistledown (WP, written for E/O)
György Ligeti Monument - Selbstportrait - Bewegung
selected Piano Etudes
Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano
Wei-Chieh Lin Quivering (WP)
Alvin Lucier Bird and Person Dyning
Criss-Cross (USP)
Hands for organist, with one or more assistants
In Memoriam Jon Higgins
Music for Cello with one or more amplified vases
Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra
Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas
Still Lives
John Luther Adams The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies
Red Arc/Blue Veil
Keeril Makan If We Knew the Sky (WP, written for E/O)
Letting Time Circle Through Us (WP, written for E/O)
Persona (WP)
The Noise Between Thoughts (USP)
Resonance Alloy (NYP)
Voice Within Voice
Washed By Fire (USP)
Zones d'accord (NYP)
Chris Mann Public Works (WP, written for E/O)
Miya Masaoka The Dust and the Noise (WP, written for E/O)
Thomas Meadowcroft A Vanity Press
Ezra Jack Plot
Plain Moving Landfill (NYP)
Max Neuhaus/John Cage Fontana Mix: Feed
Stefan Niculescu Sincronia (USP)
Ivo Nilsson Hereabouts (WP, written for E/O)
Luigi Nono Hay que caminar soñando
...sofferte onde serene...
Zeena Parkins Circles and Squares - Hilma:Eva (WP, written for E/O)
Ian Power Untitled (NYP)
Horatiu Radulescu Aur pulsars (USP)
Dizzy Divinity I (USP)
Dr. Kai Hong's Diamond Mountain IIß (USP)
Eterno (USP)
L'exil intérieur (USP)
The Origin (USP)
Return to the source of light Piano Sonata 6 (USP)
Karin Rehnqvist Anrop - Inrop - Utrop (USP)
Beginning (USP)
Jag lyfter mina händer (USP)
Puksånger-Lockrop (USP)
Radda mig ur dyn (USP)
Raven Chant (WP, written for E/O)
Steve Reich Four Organs
Mauricio Eduardo Rodriguez Tenso (WP)
Franois Rose Rosée du matin, flocons du soir (WP, written for E/O)
Kaija Saariaho Dolce tormento
Rebecca Saunders dichroic seventeen (NYP)
duo3 (USP)
murmurs (USP)
stirrings still (NYP)
vermilion (NYP)
Giacinto Scelsi Pranam II
Elliott Sharp Foliage
Venus & Jupiter (WP, written for E/O)
Alexander Stankovski Cercare: Ommagio a Girolamo Frescobaldi (WP)
Duet for saxophone & piano (USP)
Karlheinz Stockhausen Zungenspitzentanz
Lisa Streich Papirosn (WP, written for E/O)
Hans Thomalla Albumblatt (NYP)
Cello Counterpart (NYP)
Lied (USP)
Percussion Counterpart (NYP)
Piano Counterpart (NYP)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir Hrim
Into - Second Self (USP)
Ro (USP)
scape (USP)
Tactility (NYP)
Klas Torstensson Elliott loves bebop (WP)
No slash (WP)
Sönerna (WP)
Steve Voigt Mercury Mirror (WP, written for E/O)
Christian Wolff Exercises
Iannis Xenakis Kottos
John Zorn Dark River
The Nymphs (WP, cimbalom version)