Iancu Dumitrescu: Live in New York w/ Either/Or

Label: Edition Modern
Available here
Recorded by Either/Or
"It's a rare creative accomplishment that sweet pleasure and cosmic dauntlessness can be so merged in a single art form as they are in Dumitrescu's music." - Jean Ballard Terepka  
"... an amazing album of microcosmic and macrocosmic sound." - Squidco

Keeril Makan: Letting Time Circle Through Us

Label: New World Records
Available on: Amazon
Written for Either/OR
"The friction between two contrasting types of music creates the emotional journey of Letting Time Circle Through Us. From the foundation of a single note, stabile music emerges that repeats throughout the piece." - Keeril Makan  

Anthony Coleman: You

Label: New World Records
Available at: iTunes
Either/OR performs "Atriphone"
"Part of what sets Anthony Coleman's music apart from that of his contemporaries is the intensely focused intellectual force with which he pushes against the sybaritic outward-moving impulse and compresses multiple vocabularies around a core poetic." - New World Records 

Richard Carrick: Cycles of Evolution

Label: New World Records
Available at: iTunes
Either/OR performs "Dark Flow Double Quartet" and "The Veins of Marble"
"...Cycles of Evolution employs the lush, expansive rainbow of colors offered by large ensembles with conductor." - New World Records 
"His music is very much of a Modernist bent, but also very much up-to-date, i.e. not in the serialist vein that has created so much animosity over decades, but one that privileges all sorts of current intellectual endeavor as a stimulus for musical reflection....The resultant sound is highly plastic—sounds are bent and smeared, ideas emerge and evaporate like weather systems.....One feels ideas constantly receding and then returning into view, each time slightly modified, in turn generating new forces that will further shape this mutation." - Fanfare Magazine

Elliott Sharp: Tranzience

Label: New World Records
Available at: iTunes
Performers: Either/Or
"Mathematics and the various sciences are just ordered ways of looking at and analyzing all of the raw data supplied by the universe. It's all about mappings and correspondences. At the same time, my work often takes a speculative and irrational/intuitive approach. It includes both the ordered and rational, the intuitive and irrational, and the acoustics of the ear." - Elliott Sharp 

Richard Carrick: The Flow Cycle For Strings

Label: New World Records
Available at: iTunes
Performers: Either/Or: Andrea Schultz, violin; Dov Scheindlin, viola; Kuan Cheng Lu, violin; Eric Bartlett, cello; Alex Waterman, cello.
“quietly virtuosic and addictive” - The Wire UK
“a rich, beguiling composition” - The New York Times
“Constructed as free fantasies, where moment-to-moment activity takes precedence over organizational unity, they articulate small details with energetic gestures - jolting, swooping, lilting rhythms; irregular phrase lengths and unexpected accents; string harmonics, bristling pizzicati, exaggerated bowing, and other textural effects…Either/Or provide nimble accounts of the engaging music at hand" - Fanfare Magazine

Live - Works by Karen Rehnqvist

Karin Rehnqvist- Live
Label: Sterling
Available here on her website
Performers: Either/Or: Geoff Landman - saxophone, Ulrika Bodén - voice
Rescue me from the Mire - for soprano and alto saxophone 
Released Summer 2013

Keeril Makan: Target

Label: Starkland
Available at: iTunes
Performers: Either/Or: Jennifer Choi (violin), David Shively (percussion), Alex Waterman (cello).
"grabs hold of you right away with musical language that is simultaneously straightforward yet highly nuanced... Either/Or’s timbral virtuosity is particularly stunning and they bring a perfect melding of energies to this exciting performance." - Sequenza21 
"a sound world in which music emerges unexpectedly out of violent textures, gestures and cries... Shively negotiates his way brilliantly through alternating waves of aggressive onslaught and evanescent, amatory sighs." - Gramophone 

Mark Gustavson: Dissolving Images

Dissolving Images
Label: Albany Records
Available at: iTunes
Performers: Either/Or: Margaret Lancaster, flute; Vasko Dukovski, clarinet; James Rogers, trombone; Stephen Gosling, piano; Esther Noh, violin; John Popham, cello; Richard Carrick, Conductor
"Hearing these five works collectively reveals a unified compositional aesthetic, one which seamlessly blends heady structural rigor with emotional intensity and humor." - NewMusicBox